Big Picture Reading Notes

There are a few really important things in our lives, and our relationship with God is one of them. Reading our Bibles gives us insight into God. We can use scriptures as a basis for prayer.  We can talk to God about things we're reading. We grow in an understanding of God as we read and grasp more of His Word. With this in mind we have developed a Bible reading plan called the "Big Picture" which is a reading plan with study notes for each week of the year.

Through reading God's word we can ...

KNOW IT: Make a start by reading the story of God through Scripture & learning how
the story unfolds. There are 3 reading plans and one of them will suit you.

LIVE IT: Learn to apply the Bible to your own life, understanding that God’s word has
relevance for every one of us, every day. The test of do we really know the story is
“Are we learning to live like Jesus?”

TELL IT: God has called us to bring His message of salvation & redemption to the
world, and especially to the people around us. We are people on a mission and the
story of the Bible, and our own encounter of Jesus, is a story worth telling!


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Big Picture Reading Plan